Friday, May 18, 2007

Some dog photos

And now for something completely different...

Some of you know that I (or should I say my parents) have two dogs. Simba is a four and half years old male golden retriever whilst Nala is a two year old female golden retriever. Both are from the same breeder and are distantly related.

As those who are using Facebook know, I have posted some baby photos. For those who have not seen the light and not connected to Facebook, here are some of the photos.

This is Nala. She's about ten weeks old in the photo and it was taken back in June 2005. She looks cute in the photo but, like a girl, the cuteness is just a facade as she is a homewrecker. Just ask any of my dad's garden plants and my slippers for reference.

This is Simba. He's eight weeks old in the photo. Actually this photo was taken by the breeder, just before he was shoved into a small box and took an eight hour flight just to reach us. Let's just say he wasn't smelling of roses at the end of his flight.

Some day I will post more grown up pictures of these two homewreckers and write a bit about their personalities. Yes, dogs do have personalities.

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