Monday, May 21, 2007

Fashion and style are not the same

I know that fashion is not suppose to be logical and that when it comes to clothes, I am very conservative and old-fashioned. Nonetheless I find some of the current fashion a bit of an eyesore, especially concerning women.

I thought it was just isolated to Hong Kong but having seen some photos from abroad, I know this is a global phenomenon. I am writing about women wearing leggings or tights underneath shorts, skirts or dresses. It seems to be the new chic thing. From a personal point of view, I think it looks disgusting. I know I shouldn't dress it with logic but when I see a women with black leggings and wearing denim shorts, it is just screaming to me, "I'm a women who is such a prude, I don't want anybody to see my legs. But I still want to wear shorts. So I'm wearing black leggings instead." Why don't you just wear trousers instead? It wouldn't cost you that much, only buying one item of clothing instead of two. The only other person in society who wear long leggings and shorts are clowns. Think about that. Even worse is when you wear different colour shorts and leggings. It immediately draws attention to yourself, in a bad way.

I like women to dress traditionally (but not necessarily conservatively). I like women with skirts/dresses. I know it makes you legs cold but if you want to attract the opposite sex there is a price to pay. The same with high heels - no pain, no gain. With all this in consideration, I don't mind if women wear trousers or shorts, just as long as you still look good.

Which brings me on to another subject - footwear. A bad habit of mine is to stare at the ground a lot. Which means I inspect footwear a lot. For some reason when women wear shorts wearing shoes and socks just doesn't match. For guys, it is OK but for ladies it just makes you look dorky for some reason. If you have to wear shorts, only sandals and feminine shoes (e.g. high heels) would only work. Please don't wear long socks and shoes - again, the clown look comes to mind. The same goes with dresses & skirts - shoes just don't match, only sandals will.

I know this, coming from a guy, may sound hippocritical. I know most guys cannot dress themselves but I tend to think I have a bit of dress sense. I know I still dress like I am in high school but at least I don't make myself stand out in a bad way. Unlike some women...

And isn't most of the time the way you dress is suppose to attract the opposite sex?

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Anonymous said...

Don't know what women you're writing about - I dress for myself, not to get some fussy guy amped up about me. If I'm not going to get the opposite sex staring at us if we cover our legs or our feet - poor me - I just don't want a man that critical.