Saturday, May 12, 2012

Writing blog entries

For some reason, I spend a lot of my time thinking of what I should write in my blog. This phenomenon is usually confined to idle moments such as driving to and from work, in the midst of a lecture or when I'm out jogging. It's not particularly productive but it just happens. I have no real logical explanation why I do it. Perhaps I just want to articulate my thoughts to the world better, so people who read this will have a better understanding of whom I am. I want my blog entry to flow naturally, from sentence to sentence like if I was speaking to you or if you were watch a great riveting drama. I want readers to feel once they finished reading one particular blog entry, that topic has been extensively covered and there is no need to revisit the issue in the future, barring any change or any dramatic events in my life or something new has popped up.

In reality, despite all the time I spend idly planning my blog, that is never the case. I tend to write as I think without reading back what I have typed or revising what I have written. I don't want to spend too much time writing this blog, since I DO want to live a life. Inevitably not everything is covered in that entry about that topic. I loathe to revise any entry, especially if the passage has already been published on the internet and where everybody from random strangers to my closest friends have already read what I have to say on the subject and have given insight of their own on that subject. Like some lame horror movie sequel killer, I will always return to the same subject in the future with what seems like a new approach but actually is the same drivel dressed up in a different way.

Perhaps I try to give myself too much pressure in trying to produce too many blog entries in a certain period or trying to write the perfect article about that subject. I should take my time in writing these entries before posting them. I know my command of the English language is nothing compared to the likes of columnist I admire and read (such as David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker and Mark Steel) but I want something that is representative of me and will get people to like what I have written, or at least think it is not written by some maniac. 

So I resolved to setting myself some basic rules on writing my blog:
1. Give myself a topic within a certain time period to write about and set myself a deadline to finish the topic off. This should give me time to think of new angles about that particular topic.
2. Don't immediately post the blog up, even when I think I finished typing it. Let it simmer for a few days before going back to it to see if any new ideas have popped up.
3. Actually read back through what I have written. I actually notice I do have a lot of grammatical errors scattered throughout my blog, so I should be a good writer and actually draft what I write.

Hopefully these new rules should lead to a more flowing blog which will be more understandable and more representative of my thoughts. However these rules haven't solved the problem of thinking of some witty and concise way to finish the blog.