Thursday, June 29, 2006

Memory has just gone

I honestly cannot believe that I forgot my mum's birthday! I was reminded on the weekend by my dad (who usually forgets most things and everything) but I got a call from my mum about booking my holiday and then she had to remind me, "What day is it?" Let's just say I'm totally oblivious to some things right now.

In my defence, I am not one for celebrating birthdays. It's just another trip around the sun, right? Most people would say you're one year older, wiser and more experienced. My depressive part of me says that you're just nearer to death.

So whoever becomes friends with me, don't expect me to fork out lots of dosh for expensive gifts. And it doesn't mean I won't buy you gifts ever - I'll just buy you when it is more appropriate, for instance WHEN YOU NEED IT.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Being disturbed on the toilet

My mum just recently sent me a link of a video they filmed of their dog, Nala. She's a feisty golden retriever but recently she has been teased by a black & white bird. The bird just flies low enough to entice Nala to try jumping up and catch it but never can. This video shows the bird disturbing Nala when my dog is doing a number two.

Being disturbed on the toilet

Initial Post

I've always wanted to start a blog but I considered a waste of time and more of an excuse to be on the Internet more. But now I've reconsidered my stance due to circumstances in my own life...
  1. My ability to contact with my friends will be less, so I hope this blog will act as avenue of communication for me and the outside world (including my friends). For those who know me, I am very reluctant to contact anybody, including my friends, for fear of burdening them. With this blog, it will release me of my guilt as anybody can read whenever they want.
  2. I hope that even if this blog doesn't act as a form of communication with me and my friends, it will be therapeutic for me. It will stop me from ruminating about my depressive thoughts and put them somewhere where I can get a logical opinion.
It must be forewarned that everything I write in this blog is my opinion and it may not be right. I will try to put other things in this blog, like my interests and whatever I find over the Internet. There will be lots of swearing and probably some graphic photos - interpret that as you will! Of course comments are welcomed, as long as they are constructive.