Thursday, June 29, 2006

Memory has just gone

I honestly cannot believe that I forgot my mum's birthday! I was reminded on the weekend by my dad (who usually forgets most things and everything) but I got a call from my mum about booking my holiday and then she had to remind me, "What day is it?" Let's just say I'm totally oblivious to some things right now.

In my defence, I am not one for celebrating birthdays. It's just another trip around the sun, right? Most people would say you're one year older, wiser and more experienced. My depressive part of me says that you're just nearer to death.

So whoever becomes friends with me, don't expect me to fork out lots of dosh for expensive gifts. And it doesn't mean I won't buy you gifts ever - I'll just buy you when it is more appropriate, for instance WHEN YOU NEED IT.

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