Monday, August 28, 2006

More musings from my holiday.

As stated before, I'm not good at keeping up with my postings on my blog. My Premiership review of each club is way behind schedule and I haven't even written about my recent holiday. Now I have started a new clerkship (surgery), so it will be a while before I can catch up with things.

As I stated before, I was on holiday in Phuket & Bangkok (that's Thailand for those who failed geography) for ten days. I didn't deserve that holiday, especially after not going to classes in the medicine clerkship for three weeks but I needed it. One thing I would change is to go without my parents next time. I said that the last time I went with my parents on a holiday (that time was Tokyo) and I can never see why they can never guide themselves around. They will literally lose themselves in a toilet if given a chance.

Apart from that the holiday was fine. In Phuket, most of the time was spent sunbathing and swimming, whilst my dad hired a car for the first two days and drove us around (with me navigating as usual). One highlight was being able to shoot a .22 rifle like I did in school and also a Colt 9mm. Let's just say after shooting the 9mm, I now know how hard it is to shoot a weapon of any type.

Another highlight was getting a Thai massage for the first time. I had four in total over the whole trip. It is basically stretching the muscles, unlike the Swedish massage which is oil-based kneading of muscles. After the Thai massage I felt like steak after it had been tenderized.

After Phuket it was straight to Bangkok (although it suppose to have another name, which makes it the longest name in the world). We were there mainly for shopping but did spend one morning sight-seeing. I don't know how things are so cheap in Thailand but they are. I bought mainly DVDs, clothes and herbs & spices.

Bangkok would be an ideal holiday for my parents, only because they can muse about how much they saved. My parents literally get a buzz about how much they saved on anything. They will be literally saying, "This would cost so much in Hong Kong but here in Thailand it only cost this much. We would save this much." Most of the things they bought were dog accessories for their dogs.

I really don't have photos of the trip, since I didn't bring a camera and my dad was mainly taking the photos. Like a typical Hong Kong person, he photographed our hotel rooms!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


If any of you have been wondering where I have been, not answering phone calls or emails, my apologies since I have been on holiday in Phuket & Bangkok since Sunday 13th August. I'll be catching up on my messages as soon as possible.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mr. Colourful

This is another seasonal preview to complement the one I just posted a few minutes ago. This time I will be previewing Sheffield United. The Blades have the most colourful manager in England right now, Mr. Neil Warnock. I would love to see how he fares in the big time,after being very outspoken during his time in the Football League Championshp. Just imagining the antics between him and Jose Mourinho will be quite interesting to watch and hear!

Yet it doesn't bode well for Warnock, on the evidence of his transfers. He is relying on bring in quantity rather than quality, with far too many players on the books. Plus the people he is bringing in are not exuding quality, most having just played in the lower leagues for most of the professional lives. If Sheffield United are to stay up, they need more than grit and numbers.

Positional review

GK: Paddy Kenny, Ian Bennett

One of Sheffield United's strongest department is the goalkeeping department, with veterans Kenny and Bennett. Any hope of not conceding goals will be reliant upon Kenny's form.

RB: Robert Kozluk, Derek Geary

A very weak position for the Blades, with none of the players here not experienced in the Premiership. Might want to get rid of one of them and bring in somebody else.

LB: David Unsworth, Chris Armstrong, Alan Wright

Perhaps stronger than the right back position, having somebody like Unsworth is good but with his age, they will be relying more on Armstrong for speed. Plus Wright is known to be on the way out, so I don't think he will figure.

CB: Chris Morgan, Leigh Bromby, Chris Lucketti, David Sommeil, Claude Davis, Mikel Leigertwood, Craig Short

I still don't know why Short came out of retirement since Sheffield United seem to have enough central defenders - probably they need his know-how. I only see Bromby, Davis & Leigertwood doing well for United, the others are either way past it or just not good enough.

RM: Paul Ifil, Keith Gillespie

With Ifil's relative quickness with Gillespie backing him up, this seems to be an adequate area for United

LM: Michael Tonge

This is where United should be reinforcing. Tonge should be playing in the middle with Jaglieka but without an out-and-out left midfielder, they shoved Tonge to the left. I think this is wasting Tonge's talent, much like Gerrard being shoved to the right for Liverpool.

CM: Phil Jaglieka, Nick Montgomery, Alan Quinn, Li Tie

United could do with another attacking force in central midfield but I think they have enough numbers to get through. Most of the protecting of the back four will come down to Jaglieka, who has a chance to shine on the big stage now.

FW: N Shipperley, Danny Webber, Steven Kabba, Ade Akinbiyi, Rob Hulse, Christian Nade

This is the most problematic area for the Blades. Even though all the strikers are capable and good, none have a reputable, consistent goal scoring record which will scare Premiership defences.

If United are to stay up, it will be more reliant on grit and Warnock's man management than anything else. Otherwise it is most likely they will only be just above Watford come May.

More Premier League club previews

It has been a while since I did my last preview and with the season coming up in nearly a weeks time, I decided I should get a move on. So I decided to preview the club I know about the least - Watford.

Aidy Boothroyd's team is probably everybody's favourite to go down this season. With a weak financial basis plus a very inexperienced side, they will find it difficult to stay in the Premier League. In fact they shouldn't really be here in the top echelon of English football, after sweeping aside favourites Leeds United in the Football League Championship playoff last season.

If they are going to stay up, they will require Marlon King and Ashley Young to get their goals plus some good defending from a relatively young back four.

Positional review

GK: Richard Lee, Alec Chamberlain

Quite a lot of whether or not Watford stay up depends if they can convince Manchester United to loan Ben Foster for another season. The young goalkeeper was exceptional last season, culminating in an England call-up to the World Cup squad. If Manchester United get Tomas Kuszczak from WBA, then Watford's chances of another season in the Premier League are much brighter.

RB: Lloyd Doyley, James Chambers

Quite a relative inexperienced back line starts here at right back with both players in this position with relatively little experienced in the top flight.

LB: Jordan Stewart, Chris Powell

Aidy Boothroyd was clever in getting a season professional to come and bolster the defence. Chris Powell has played in the top flight with Charlton Athletic and has international experience as well. His knowledge of how a small club can fight with the big boys will be invaluable.

CB: Clark Carlisle, Jay DeMerit, Malky Mackay, Danny Shittu

A relative young centre back pairing in Carlisle and DeMerit might be where Watford become unhinged. Get Shittu was good but that is just bringing up the numbers. What they needed was a veteran with knowledge of the Premier League. Unfortunately those players maybe outside Watford's price range.

RM: Anthony McNamee

Another player with no top flight experience. Although he is young and talented, McNamee might become unhinged against tougher opponents such as Ashley Cole (wherever he turns up) or Gabriel Heinze. Again another area Watford need to reinforce in - they might turn to Chris Eagles again after he did so well for them last season.

LM: Ashley Young

Young will be one of the players Watford will be depending to star in this season and keep them in the Premier League. He contributed a signficant amount of goals and will be relied upon to produce again if Watford are to have a chance. Watford may require another attacking player to back up McNamee and Young if injuries start to crop up.

CM: Matthew Spring, Gavin Mahon, Alhassan Bangura, Dominic Blizzard, Damien Francis

Again Aidy has proven his managerial capabilities by capturing Francis from Wigan. With his experience and his box-to-box running, hopefully the central midfield will be a bit more combative.

FW: Marlon King, Darius Henderson, Hameur Bouazza, Tamas Priskin

Even though Aidy has just brought another striker in, this is where most promoted clubs struggle - getting goals. Some strikers find it hard to convert their lower league form into the top flight. Watford will hope that this doesn't happen to King. If King can get close to anywhere near his total last season, Watford could have a chance.

The things hampering Watford from staying up affect all promoted clubs but the Hornets especially. The lack of finance to bring in new players, a relatively inexperienced side and the inevitability for the drop. If Boothroyd can get the best out of the veterans of Francis & Powell whilst Young & King can produce the goals they did last season, it would be close to a miracle if Watford can stay up.

When I can be bothered.

The title of this posting says it all - I can only be bothered to post something when I have the motivation to do so. Like a friend has stated in his blog, some people will post regularly into their blogs whilst he has the "when I can be bothered syndrome" which is similar to me. You have to have something interesting happening to post, for example finding something amusing on the internet or having some significant event occurring in your life. Neither of those have happened to me so far.

The only interesting thing happening to me is that I am seriously considering quitting my medical studies after seven years without a degree. I really have gotten sick and tired being here in this god-awful faculty. Seriously if anybody considers studying medicine in Hong Kong, DO NOT study at the University of Hong Kong. It will seriously deteriorate your psychiatric health and make you a zombie.

Even if I quit, I still don't know where my life will go. I talk to a friend recently and one of the options that I was seriously considering was to work for a non-governmental organization in some developing country. For people who know me, I seriously want to do something with my life. I want to have some significant meaning to my existence. I am one of these people who doesn't want to be a drone, who wants a career, comfortable salary, a nice home with a wife and two point four children with a Mercedes Benz parked in the garage. It may be fine for some people but I think it is selfish and a bit self-wanting. I want to do something with my life, which is the reason why I chose to study medicine in the first place. But I found out that most doctors just want a career, comfortable salary, etc. I need a profession which doesn't feel that way.

Yet seriously I don't kwow what to do with my life...