Thursday, August 10, 2006

When I can be bothered.

The title of this posting says it all - I can only be bothered to post something when I have the motivation to do so. Like a friend has stated in his blog, some people will post regularly into their blogs whilst he has the "when I can be bothered syndrome" which is similar to me. You have to have something interesting happening to post, for example finding something amusing on the internet or having some significant event occurring in your life. Neither of those have happened to me so far.

The only interesting thing happening to me is that I am seriously considering quitting my medical studies after seven years without a degree. I really have gotten sick and tired being here in this god-awful faculty. Seriously if anybody considers studying medicine in Hong Kong, DO NOT study at the University of Hong Kong. It will seriously deteriorate your psychiatric health and make you a zombie.

Even if I quit, I still don't know where my life will go. I talk to a friend recently and one of the options that I was seriously considering was to work for a non-governmental organization in some developing country. For people who know me, I seriously want to do something with my life. I want to have some significant meaning to my existence. I am one of these people who doesn't want to be a drone, who wants a career, comfortable salary, a nice home with a wife and two point four children with a Mercedes Benz parked in the garage. It may be fine for some people but I think it is selfish and a bit self-wanting. I want to do something with my life, which is the reason why I chose to study medicine in the first place. But I found out that most doctors just want a career, comfortable salary, etc. I need a profession which doesn't feel that way.

Yet seriously I don't kwow what to do with my life...

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