Monday, August 28, 2006

More musings from my holiday.

As stated before, I'm not good at keeping up with my postings on my blog. My Premiership review of each club is way behind schedule and I haven't even written about my recent holiday. Now I have started a new clerkship (surgery), so it will be a while before I can catch up with things.

As I stated before, I was on holiday in Phuket & Bangkok (that's Thailand for those who failed geography) for ten days. I didn't deserve that holiday, especially after not going to classes in the medicine clerkship for three weeks but I needed it. One thing I would change is to go without my parents next time. I said that the last time I went with my parents on a holiday (that time was Tokyo) and I can never see why they can never guide themselves around. They will literally lose themselves in a toilet if given a chance.

Apart from that the holiday was fine. In Phuket, most of the time was spent sunbathing and swimming, whilst my dad hired a car for the first two days and drove us around (with me navigating as usual). One highlight was being able to shoot a .22 rifle like I did in school and also a Colt 9mm. Let's just say after shooting the 9mm, I now know how hard it is to shoot a weapon of any type.

Another highlight was getting a Thai massage for the first time. I had four in total over the whole trip. It is basically stretching the muscles, unlike the Swedish massage which is oil-based kneading of muscles. After the Thai massage I felt like steak after it had been tenderized.

After Phuket it was straight to Bangkok (although it suppose to have another name, which makes it the longest name in the world). We were there mainly for shopping but did spend one morning sight-seeing. I don't know how things are so cheap in Thailand but they are. I bought mainly DVDs, clothes and herbs & spices.

Bangkok would be an ideal holiday for my parents, only because they can muse about how much they saved. My parents literally get a buzz about how much they saved on anything. They will be literally saying, "This would cost so much in Hong Kong but here in Thailand it only cost this much. We would save this much." Most of the things they bought were dog accessories for their dogs.

I really don't have photos of the trip, since I didn't bring a camera and my dad was mainly taking the photos. Like a typical Hong Kong person, he photographed our hotel rooms!

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