Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

One of my friends wrote on his blog about feeling ashamed for going after beautiful women. I wrote to him, saying it was nothing ashamed about. Even I still go after the attractive women. It just surprises me the human race still haven't learnt that beautiful women are not what they seem.

I can understand the logic from a biological behavioural perspective. People are attracted to beautiful people because they want to mate with them, thus producing beautiful children and ensuring the survival of the species. Thus being beautiful has an advantage in the survival game. Yet with the superior intelligence that humans have over animals, I would have thought that we would have evolved from this idea. Apparently not, since most males and females are still attracted to the physical form, rather than the emotional. The human race is still swayed by the media as to what is beautiful and what is not. What defies logic is that most men are attracted to those ultra-skinny supermodels. These ladies, although attractive, would find it difficult to bear children considering most of them are infertile (those with medical knowledge will know why).

On a side note, I am inclined to think that most beautiful women don't have a nice personality and the same would go for men. They know they can use their looks and body to get what they want and have no qualms about doing so. Not that I am saying there are no good looking people who are nice - I know a few - but this minority is overshadowed by the people who look good but are evil inside. If you want an example, my ex-friend Dora would apply but for an example everybody can relate to, Cameron Diaz as everybody knows is quite stunning. However in a survey of autograph seekers, she comes last in terms of personality. She refuses to sign autographs and has been known to berate autograph seekers, saying they have no life and should find something else to do. The same would apply to Angelina Jolie. She looks amazing but would you want her as your wife? She probably be amazing in bed but she's already been divorced twice and she 'stole' Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston.

Which brings me on to another matter. We automatically assume that beautiful people would be great at sexual intercourse. But there is no reasoning behind that. Of course you can assume that most beautiful people would attract the opposite sex more often than less beautiful people and the frequency of sexual intercourse is much increased. But the human being has evolved from being polygamous. There are beautiful people who remain virgins or stay with the same partner. There is no correlation between somebody's looks and the bedroom technique. Probably the best people in bed are the people who are easy, i.e. sluts and the male equivalent (is there such a word for it?).

All this knowledge probably won't make me stop looking at beautiful women. But I would think twice before thinking about them as a partner.

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