Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two things...

Finally got broadband in my flat tonight, so I'm blogging right here from Kennedy Town! Woohoo! Don't know why that is exciting or why I have to use exclamation marks to express delight but who cares!

Anyway, two things I like to share since my last entry (about five hours ago). Firstly, I sat through a boring lecture about the short cases we might encounter during our Finals. The professor showed us a video of students doing their Surgical short cases in the Finals. And guess what? No I wasn't one of them but I did recognize two people who were shown. Firstly was my ex-friend, the wonderful bitch Dora. It is remarkable that she uses her flirting voice during the examination. The girl has no morals. The second person did fine (I keep her anonymous as I have nothing against the person).

The second thing I like to share was that I finally spotted another Nissan LaFesta. My dad bought one of these about a year ago and I never thought I would see another one until today. For those who don't know, the LaFesta is a small MPV which looks alright but is no Ferrari or Lambo. It actually is a good car since it is deceptively larger on the inside. But people tend to buy on reputation, so everybody in Hong Kong tends to buy Mercedes Benzes (is that even a word) and BMWs. If you are only going from A to B, maybe you need to take it down a notch.

Well have to go to dinner now, so finally I'll get that big entry I wanted to enter later.

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