Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gosh I hate viruses

I don't know what goes through the sick minds of people who make computer viruses, worms and whatever malicious programs that us ordinary people hate. After having my laptop back for a few days, it has just been reinfected with a trojan horse and I'm trying to sort it out, spending hours trying to find the right solution, the right antivirus software and being frustrated at the same time.

Where is the justification in creating computer viruses? To test out computer security? Use a closed system where it doesn't affect the general population. Hate the companies who earn billions of dollars from computer software? Just attack, not the common man.

Just think about it - it just wastes time, money and valuable resources just dealing with this. I was thinking of a conspiracy theory that software companies produce these vicious beasts just so people will buy their products but since most programs are free nowadays, that has just muted my hypothesis.

Well hopefully I can kill this virus before I start classes again - have to hate to deal with this and I don't need it.

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