Monday, April 30, 2007

Not much happening

Since tomorrow is a holiday in Hong Kong (I think it is Labour Day) and the specialty I am currently attached to usually schedules its surgeries for Tuesday, there are very few patients to see. So I am off for the rest of the day.

Recently I sent out a mass email to everybody in my address book, saying I won't be sending out anymore mass emails (yes I know the irony of the situation, so don't point it out). Of course I will send a mass email if something important comes up, like pending deportation, wedding (very unlikely) or anything along similar lines. But for other updates I asked everybody to be referred to here, my blog.

There are reasons for why I am doing this:
  1. Nobody has the time to read my emails. Whenever I send a mass email, it tends to be quite long, as the feedback has been. Since we are all busy, you can read my blog whenever you are free.
  2. Nobody has the attention span to read my emails. I think this is more important than the first point. Thanks to instant messaging and MTV, I think the attention span for the young adult has decreased over the past years.
  3. I fed up of reporting bad news. This seems be the case for all my emails. I just don't want people to feel desmodic whenever they see an email from me.

So hopefully this arrangement is better for everybody, you and me.

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Kuong said...

hope you enjoy your day off. if you ever need someone to have lunch with when you're in QMH, just give me a call! i will do my best to weasle my way out of clinic for you. =)