Friday, April 20, 2007

"Shooter" and haircut

Since today was my real last day of freedom, before I start having to get back to the grind of studying and classes, I went out today. Not a real biggie for most people but considering my condition, it's just amazing that I get any sunlight at all. If I had a job that let me work at home, I would rarely go out at all. I know that's unhealthy but the real world doesn't excite me and
I rather detest most of reality anyway.

So what did I do? From the title of this entry, you can gather that I went to watch the movie "Shooter" starring Mark Wahlberg and got my haircut. Yes, I know not very exciting but I hate going out, so it was very exciting for me.

As most who know me know, I was rather fanatical about movies. Not so nowadays, since I don't know much about Hollywood or current movie news, I don't know what is coming out and my enthusiasm has waned a bit, no make that a lot. But I still retain my critic skills when watch a movie. "Shooter" wasn't all that good - it was rather predictable and Mark Wahlberg was mumbling the whole way through the movie. Talk about bad sound! Just save your money and watch something else. I only went to watch because I have enormous respect for snipers. They have to pick a target metres away, taking into consideration curvature of the earth, wind and rather factors and not get detected. The only thing that I don't respect about snipers is that most of their targets are human.

After the predictable movie and watch young children trying to ice skate while feasting on McD's, I went to my usual barber for my usual haircut. I think everybody has their own barber that they trust, because hair is important for self-image. Screw it up and you got laughter behind your back for the next couple of months. I trust this guy since he knows how I want my hair. Plus the added bonus is that he supports the same football team I do (Arsenal, in case your wondering). We talk about the latest games, who would leave the club and any other business. The only thing I don't trust him with is my personal life. I still lie to him that I'm doing my internship and haven't told him the truth about me repeating my final year, cause I know he doesn't have the mental capacity to understand my depression. It is a sad fact that most Hong Kong people still have a stigma against psychiatric conditions.

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