Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Upcoming exams and storms plus Sunderland AFC

Sometimes study leave is not that great, as I am finding out. You have a lot of time on your hands but I am one of these people who cannot sit down to study. I have to get up every fifteen minutes, which means I really cannot study in the library without disturbing other people. I also have a small attention & concentration span thanks to my depression, meaning I will switch over to do something else such as surfing the Internet or watching the numerous videos I have on my laptop. I honestly think I do have ADD (attention deficit disorder) sometimes or is it me being paranoid after being in paediatrics for so long, listening to Prof. Virginia Wong going on about child neurology?

It may all be in vain though. Right now there is typhoon signal number one being hoisted in Hong Kong. For those who don't know, typhoons are like hurricanes that regularly hit Hong Kong during the summer. The local weather observatory issues typhoon signals based on proximity. For some reason the signals are one, three, eight and ten. Don't ask me why they are missing out on the other numbers. If a signal number eight is issued, it is like a holiday with people told to leave work and school being cancelled. At this moment the typhoon will strike Hong Kong tomorrow, when my exam is scheduled to take place. You might think I would want the exam to be cancelled but in all honesty I rather get it done with and have my two week vacation as soon as possible. I just hope the typhoon will rapidly veer off course and hit something else.


I don't know much about the Sunderland team. Most of the team that went down the season before was quickly swept out by the new manager, Roy Keane. If you hated him as a player you had to admire him for his success and his determination, which has carried on into his managerial career. You have to have respect for him after he won the League Championship in his debut season as manager, after the Black Cats started the campaign with five consecutive defeats.

Now he has a much more difficult task - keeping Sunderland in the Premier League. He has invested wisely, sweeping out some dead wood and bringing in the likes of Greg Halford, Paul McShane, Russell Anderson, Kieran Richardson and Michael Chopra. Probably the biggest eyebrow to be raised will be for Craig Gordon, who could become Britain's mosst expensive goalkeeper if his transfer of £9 million goes through. They still look a bit lightweight in the midfield department (probably Keane would consider a comeback?) but it is difficult to gauge how Sunderland will this time around. Will they flop or will the Roy Keane revolution continue? It is more likely that fans should expect to stay up and I concur. With that level of investment, Keane will know what pressure is really like now.

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