Monday, August 13, 2007

Bored, bored & bored

Right now I'm having two weeks off from studying until my next rotating starts but having two weeks off is not necessarily a good thing. Usually the time is not used productively, if you don't have anything planned which applies to me. Naturally I don't want to studying or work too much and your mind is not necessarily focussed - you're in 'holiday' mood. I'll probably reorganize my notes or something similar.

So what have I been doing since I finished my paediatrics rotation last Friday. I've seen three movies but funnily enough not the one I want. I've watched "The Simpsons Movie" (very funny but not that great), "The Bourne Ultimatum" (good but I preferred "The Bourne Supremacy") and "Ratatouille" (Brad Bird is a genius) but I still haven't seen the movie I wanted - "Transformers". Still get a tingle down my spine when Optimus Prime transforms in the movie trailer. Yet there is a certain amount of movie watching one can take before I start to think every rodent is Gordon Ramsay.

I've reformatted my hard drive for the third time in recent months but this should be the last time. I think everybody is a masochoist, since ninety percent buy computers with Windows, despite knowing that the system will, out computers will be eternally bugged and we need loads of antivirus software. I've kept the programs and documents at a minimal so if I have to back up my laptop, it won't take me two days to perform.

There is a list of chores I want to get done - fix my mp3 player, update my files and documents (I'm obsessive compulsive - organization is my life) - but I was considering going to Singapore for a few days... probably I should now.

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