Saturday, August 18, 2007

The grass always looks greener on the other side

At times I do hate the existence of Facebook. I know the website gives me an opportunity to get in contact with people I have lost touch with over the years and I am grateful for that. I'm getting into contact with people I knew in my primary school days back in England (elementary school for those using the American system) right up to my current friends in university in Hong Kong. It's a very convenient way to keep in touch and to interact with your friends on the Internet.

Facebook recently allowed me to get in contact with somebody I haven't seen in quite a number of years - five years if I'm correct. We had gone to middle school but lost contact once I left for boarding school in England. This was only the second time we had met up in the past fourteen years since I left Shatin College. We had lunch in Soho and talked about how each other is getting on with his life. This is where I hate Facebook. By meeting friends I have lost contact with, I'm now inflicting pain (in the mental sense) by comparing how well my life has gone compared to him or her. In the end I always lose.

Everybody I know has a job, whilst I'm about to go into my ninth year at university. No matter what kind of occupation they have, it is still a step up from being at university. Even if they are still in university, they are doing their doctorate or masters whilst I'm stuck still doing a bachelor degree. Everybody I seem to know is in an occupation they seem to like. They may complain about the working hours, the lack of holidays, their fellow colleagues or the workload but they are reasonably happy with where they are. At least they are earning some money whilst I'm still scrounging off my parents.

Another area where I always compare to with friends is relationships. Whilst I haven't even gone to bat, everybody I know has gone the whole nine innings having scored a grand slam in each one. How many of my friends have gotten married? I've lost count but if I really try to count it is probably between five to ten, with more coming. How many have I been to? One but I don't really blame anybody for not inviting me since I'm not close to anybody. And why does everybody in my Facebook friend list look so attractive whilst every passing day I seem to resemble more like the Michelin tyre man? Life is unfair and I have to deal with it.

I know I shouldn't be comparing my life to my friends and if I do it really doesn't matter so long as I am happy but I'm not. I still feel the world is going by whilst I seem to be standing still. Now I found out that one of my best friends in boarding school is not only married but has a kid.

I've got to stop looking at Facebook too much.

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