Sunday, August 26, 2007

No reply

Previously I mentioned I hate seeing people from my past because it means comparing our lives and I become disappointed since my life hasn't turned out the way I like it. One of the other things why I don't like meeting my old school friends is having to explain my depression and seeing how they react.

The situation is usually the same - it happens on Facebook most of the time. I ask them how they are doing and they are usually doing great for them. Then comes to the question I hate - "How are you doing?" I could lie and say things are going great but I hate lying. So I have to tell the truth. I try not to sound too depressing when I explain how my life hasn't turned out that well. Yet whenever I posted it on the wall, it always never comes with any nice reaction. Most people just ignore me after that and never fully address the issue. Some people are more sympathetic and I thank them for it.

I know it is difficult for people to react to people with psychiatric conditions. I don't expect them to become close friends but a better response would be nicer.

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