Thursday, August 09, 2007

Movie bonanza plus the scummiest football team on the face of the planet

Adults who go to children's films which have been dubbed into the adult's native language are just advertising to the world they are just stupid and cannot comprehend subtitles or other peoples languages. I would never go to watch a film that has been dubbed into my own language. Part of film appreciation is that film is a universal language and to appreciate the film you have to appreciate the entirety. In other words, I think watch a dubbed film is equivalent to masturbation - it feels good but in the end you are just f*cking yourself.


Lauren Graham is delicious - period. I just saw her in the trailer of "Evan Almighty" and I still think she's hotter than most twentysomethings in Hollywood. She's wholesome and decent. I first noticed her in "The Pacifier" and I still think now she's sexy. I would have no problems going out with her.


When I saw the title for the film "Ratatouille", I could not believe my eyes that Disney put the pronounciation below the title. It just proves to me that Americans have no concept of other languages outside their border. I wouldn't be surprised to learn if any American knows what Ratatouille actually means (a French vegetable dish).


This has been the moment I have been dreading my whole Arsenal-supporting life. This season could be the season that the Scum (i.e. Tottenham Hotspurs) could overtake Arsenal. They have quietly investing in young talent over the years and with the strikeforce of Dmitri Berbatov, Robbie Keane and Darren Bent, this could be the season. After two successive seasons finishing fifth place, it could be the time that us Arsenal fans have to face. Hopefully it won't happen but it could and I'm embracing myself for it.

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