Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Reading FC

Since I've woken up early and I can't be bothered to go back to sleep or revise for my upcoming exam, I decided to try to get a load off my back by writing about Reading FC.

Last season they caused a ruckus by nearly qualifying for European competition. Thankfully for their sake it didn't happen, otherwise they would have too much on their plate for their second season. All the pundits are harking on about the second season syndrome and there is a lot of evidence it could happen this time around. Both Wigan and Ipswich performed phenomenonally in the first season in the top flight but their second season was catastrophic. Steve Coppell will know that other teams will know what they are capable of this time around.

Yet they haven't rectify anything with new players. They have lost one of their best players in the mould of Steven Sidwell. They have added a few players but essentially it is as you were. Is that such a bad thing? If things go well, it is not but if they start to slide it will mean Coppell has less variety to play with.

Although I don't think they will be relegated, they won't repeat what they achieved last season. Fans should be happy with a mid-table finish. After that the third season should be when they take off.

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