Sunday, June 24, 2007


To get myself from thinking about the girl in my group, I am going to write about Blackburn's prospects for this upcoming season.

I place Blackburn Rovers into a group of teams that are overachieving. Along with Bolton Wanderers, Portsmouth and Reading, they have attained league placings beyond their financial status and fan support. Last season was a good season despite what the table tells the football fan. Coping with an European campaign where they got past the group stages, they managed to change their domestic season around to qualify for Intertoto Cup. Even though that means an early start to the upcoming season, it will mean another turn in the UEFA Cup.

Their inability to cope with the big boys in the transfer market will mean that a whole lot of new players won't be coming in but that won't necessarily be a problem. They will get some money for selling fringe players such as Andy Todd, Michael Gray and Francis Jeffers but ultimately all they need is another three players. A right back is a priority as I cannot see Emerton playing a whole season in an unaccustomed role. Some support in midfield is good but not essential. A young striker would be vital for their long term health.

If Blackburn manages to maintain their current league stature and do well in the cups, I think it would be a good season for them. Now is the time for Mark Hughes' men to start asserting themselves on the league.

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