Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plenty of fish in the sea

My laptop's hard drive was totally fried, which meant I had to get a new hard drive and lost my files. Luckily I have back-ups somewhere else.


In terms of love and romance, I know I am a desperate guy. Is it my fault? Partially, since I'm a very shy person and the opposite sex does frighten me a lot. I have tried and have been met with failure all the time. I handle rejection very poorly - one time, I tried to kill myself. So I tend to not go after the opposite sex unless I am absolutely sure. Yet my choices are limited. I'm not that picky about who I am willing to date but I do have criteria. I like somebody from a similar background, which means for a Hong Kong person the ability to speak English and have a more Western mentality. A lady like that in Hong Kong is very hard to find. Most females in Hong Kong have a mentality of a five year old girl, who dress in sneakers, black leggings, shorts and a dress, like "Twins" (a female pop duo for those who don't know) and use a strange mix of English and Cantonese. Most of the time I roll my eyes up in front of these girls.

This predicament has left me without a girlfriend for my entire life and a virgin - something I will admit but not proudly. I have heard friends say that is something not to be ashamed of. Lots of people date late in life and have sex for the first time in their thirties. I know my friends are trying to encourage me but right now it seems that my love life is due to circumstances and not by choice. People tend to neglect romance for various reasons - work, study, family problems, religion. It is within their control to decide whether to date or not. It is not within my control, unless I change my standards.

I'm not picky but I settle for one... just one.

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