Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keeping connections

I had a good discussion today with one of my best friends about friends. With the advent of Facebook, I've been getting in touch with people I have lost contact with for a number of years. Yet I ask myself the question, "Do I really want to?" I'm not saying they are bad people. From what I know about them in the past, I know they are quite good people. Yet over the years these people and I have drifted apart, leading separate lives and making different friends. In the end the only thing we may have in common is that we had classes together or were together in the same year in school. Is this reason enough to get in contact with them? I do care how they are doing but will my feelings be reciprocated?

What I am try to say (or write) is what is a friend. To some, friends are just people you go out with, to watch movies or have drinks. To me friends are much more than that. Friends are people you can trust and talk to about intimate matters, such as suffering from depression or having relationship problems. That is what friendship to means to me. The sad fact is I don't have contact with the two best friends are knew back in boarding school. Either it is my fault or their fault or a bit of both. One is right here in Hong Kong but so happens to be a doctor and is unreachable most of the time. The other is somewhere in USA where I cannot reach him. In fact the best person I know from boarding school is someone I gotten to know better after I left.

I'm not trying to get pity or make people feel guilt-ridden to contact me. At times I do feel jealous of people who say they have lots of friends or seem to have lots of contacts on Facebook. I just have to tell myself that not all people on Facebook are your best friends - some will be just casual acquaintances or peers that you knew/know. And that it is quality, not quantity that matters.


I am so glad that I passed my Surgery Clerkship, even though I did some idiotic things during the exam (don't ask, please).


Ladies of the world, please stop wearing black leggings with shorts/skirts/dresses. It doesn't look sexy, cute or stylish - it just looks plain ugly. I will strangulate the next women who does this with the black leggings itself. What guys want is skimpy clothing - spaghetti straps with lots of cleavage showing and very short shorts or miniskirt. Is that too much too ask?

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Mary Tse said...

Can't agree with you more about those spoilt brats. They get on my nerves too.