Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids."

Bear with me if you don't see a new entry in my blog (not that anybody reads it) but since my laptop is in for another fix, I'm without internet access for this week.


I have just started my Paediatric rotation this week. I haven't been looking forward to this rotation for a long time, mainly because I hate kids. Some people love kids but I tend to focus on the negative aspects - how they cannot behave, how they scream at such a high-pitch that your ears start to bleed and how they can ruin your life.

I hate their parents even more. I know they are right most of the time regarding the health of the child but in terms of upbringing, I really wish the government start implementing licenses on people who can or cannot bring up children. There are parents who spoil their children rotten, believing it is a good thing whilst there are parents who just totally leave the care of their kids with domestic helpers. I can appreciate that bringing up children is a difficult task but there are parents who fail miserably and cannot grasp the basic concepts.

I hate the Paediatric teachers at our hospital. I think they are out-of-touch with the outside world and don't know what to demand from the students. They have this Jekyll and Hyde personality - they are great with kids but suddenly turn nasty towards students. I just can't respect people who cannot treat other people equally - they have to fake their feelings to one group.

I know I just have to manage the next eight weeks with great courage and strength. God (and only God) can help me.


When reviewing Birmingham City, the football club highlights the problem facing all the promoted clubs and the reason why most of them are doomed to relegation. One can look at the forward line-up and see that other Premier League defences are not going to scared. The likes of DJ Campbell, Rowan Vine and Cameron Jerome are not going to set the top division alight with their goals. The midfield are not going to contribute much goals either, apart from McSheffrey. Birmingham City used mainly brute force in midfield to barge their way to second spot but have left out creative influences such as the two Neils, Danns & Kilkenny. They have done well to bounce back in one season but they need to do much more the second time around.

Major investment is required through out the team. Three more defenders are needed whilst a right winger is also required but most importantly they will need a striker. The top scorer last season has left so they will need someone who can net fifteen goals a season. Five players require a large amount of money but will the club provide the funds? I know that a lot of Premier League clubs are in the midst of takeovers with the promise of transfer funds but will the new owners provide them?

At the moment, Birmingham City seemed doomed to the drop. But if they get the right players they can survive... just.


This summer's transfer window has really been boring. Apart from Manchester United, none of the other clubs have really invested into players. Even Chelsea has gone on the cheap with three free transfers. What is going on?!

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