Thursday, June 26, 2008

The thrill and the rush

I finally understand why people go to watch horror movies and ride rollercoasters. Before I just didn't know why people would want to frighten themselves by watching "Scream" or going to Alton Towers. They were always saying it was for the adrenaline rush but I always thought that adrenaline rush was just false, nothing like the real thing of dying or falling out of an airplane. Yet after my first attachement with the house officer I'm taking over, I finally understand what that adrenaline rush is.

After some delays with a previous engagement and weather, I finally was following around the doctor I will be taking over at a convalescence and rehabilitation hospital. She has been very nice, teaching me everything I need to know, not passing judgement if I did anything wrong and telling me all the nice places to eat in the local area. Did I mention she didn't pass judgement when I did anything wrong, when I didn't chart the drug allergies correctly. Yes, I was given some duties such as copying drug charts, getting consent for investigations and doing some admissions. That is when I got the same feeling as people riding rollercoasters and watching scary films. It was very frightening doing those duties but also very thrilling and exhilarating as well. It was the first time I really felt like a doctor and that was the rush I was getting. I know it might sound weird, perverted and even wrong to some people. Yet it was just thrilling knowing I was making a difference in somebody's life for the better.

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