Sunday, June 22, 2008

The pursuit for companionship

After achieving one of my life's ambitions by graduating with a degree in medicine, I now want to pursue my next goal - having a romantic relationship. My goals in life are now simpler. That is what happens after some many years with depression - your expectations become lower.

Unfortunately I seem to view every viable woman as a potential target. Examples include a waitress at Fat Angelo's where I was having dinner with friends and the attendant behind the deli counter in Three-Sixty (a high-class supermarket). My mind starts to wander and think, "Could she be the one? She looks reasonably nice." Then my mind tells me it will never work since she won't accept your depression.

This way of thinking applies just as well to my friends. When meeting up with my friends last night at a housewarming party for another friend. One female friend says she looks older and less beautiful but I didn't think so. She's sweet and nice. I always wondered why she is still single (to my knowledge). The same thoughts applied to another female friend of mine. She's beautiful, the most kind-hearted person I know and (to my knowledge) is single. Yet the same thoughts apply to them as they apply to any other viable lady - I don't think they will accept my depression.


On a slightly related note there has been a recent phenomenon to employ beautiful ladies to read & report the news for TVB Pearl. This should not be the case. It shouldn't matter how beautiful or ugly you are, just as long you can report the facts. Yet men won't be able to help themselves turning over to the news at 7:30pm just to see some eye-candy. At the forefront of the beauty parade are Emma Jones, Nicole Tsang and Priscilla Ng. There are other ladies who are also good looking such as Donna Mok and Mona Lam. I know it is wrong just to watch the news just because nice looking girls are reading it but they are very good at reporting the news as well. I think in the interest of balance I should mention Jimmy So, who is a young male newsreader who may attract the attention of female viewers.

It's just a pity I cannot find more information on them. They aren't many screenshots on the web and there is far less information on the TVB website. In more advanced countries, all the newsreaders & reporters have biographies posted on the station's website.

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Anonymous said...

There has been a recent phenomenon of ugly people writing blogs. These ugly people are attracting the attention of intelligent and beautiful news presenters. One Mr. Leung in particular has caught the attention of many-a-news presenter for having too much time on his hands and should use his time in a more intelligent fashion.