Saturday, June 07, 2008

Nine long years finally over

I've been in a daze since yesterday afternoon, when I found out that I have finally passed my last exam. It means I finally have a degree after nine long years and can be called a doctor - although I can't give out drugs just yet. You would think I would be happy, joyous or relieved to hear this news. To be honest I don't think I feel any of these things. I think after all these years my depression has left me emotionally numb, even when it comes to happy personal news like this. I more glad I'm not feeling sad right now.

So what have I been doing? I should be doing the homework the Hospital Authority has given us but I think I can afford myself another day of rest before I start doing it. I haven't been going out and getting plastered like most people would. I need friends to do that and most of them are out of Hong Kong or working, so that idea has been muted. Most of the time I have been spending at home indulging in my passion - cooking. Since I came back on Tuesday I have been cooking Thai green chicken curry and French onion soup. The recipes need to be improved upon but I'm sure most people will find them tasty.

I'm just going to enjoy the last few days of rest before I go into pre-internship.

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