Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting desperate

I'm sure every guy does this but whenever I meet a girl I am attracted to, I subconsciously start to 'hit' or 'flirt' with her. I hope every guy does this because it will give me an excuse, otherwise I feel desperate and sick by my behaviour. I'm suddenly more polite than I'm usually am if it is a waitress or a barista, not that I'm not rude before. I'm more open to any girl I like the look of and I'm not shy like I'm usually am.I suddenly notice this when I was attaching to the intern this morning at the admission ward. When I noticed the house officer I thought, "She looks cute."

I'm so desperate for a relationship my criteria for women is now by exclusion. Any lady within in a suitable age range - not jailbait to not much older than me. The girl has to be reasonably good-looking but she doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous. If she speaks fluent English and has had a Western upbringing, then she is within range. Other basic criteria such as not being a lesbian and not having a boyfriend/husband/partner have to be fulfilled. Unfortunately this intern did have a boyfriend and she dropped off the radar. Essentially I'm back to square one.

Why do I torture myself like this? Why can't I be patient and just wait for a girl to come to me? I just know having been single all my life my choices are dramatically falling down to zero and I won't have a lot of time to look for opportunities. I don't want to date nurses, since most won't get my upbringing, depression and sense of humour. I can't date patients and most of them are way too old and near death for my liking. Basically I'm running out of options and not liking the situation I'm in.


I often commentated before on how religion sometimes doesn't fit with reality. I recently read a BBC News article how this is true. A Romanian girl of 11 years old is allowed to have a 21 week foetus aborted as she was raped by her uncle. Usually the limit in Romania is 14 weeks but the court has ruled this is an exceptional circumstance. Typically the Christian Orthodox church is up in arms about the prospect of a foetus being aborted.

I should state why I feel strongly about this. Your religion should not affect or govern the policies a country makes. This amounts to imposing your religious views on the population. Not everybody in your country follows that religion, especially if it is Western countries with Christian backgrounds. There are other religions in those countries. Nowadays more and more people say they are Christian but are not really. Even more people are become atheist or agnostic.

Personally I do not believe in abortion. I can not sanctify a termination of policy - one of the reasons why I didn't want to go into obstetrics and gynaecology. Yet I do not believe I should impose this view on the rest of the population of the world. A woman has a right to choose whether or not she should have an abortion or not. There are exceptional circumstances, such as rape, a medically affected foetus or the pregnancy threatening the life of the mother, where a termination of pregnancy should be allowed. This is why I am infuriated at the Romanian Christian Orthodox church for throwing a fit at this story and for British MPs voting to lower the limit of termination of pregnancy based on religious and not based on scientific fact given by an expert panel for the Human Embryo Bill.

I wish people act with a little more sense and a little less religious belief.

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