Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The calm before the storm

Today was the first day for the pre-internship block. To me it was a bewildering barrage of knowledge concerning what it is like to be an intern and it has already left me dreading being an house officer. There are people already concerned about how to get their residency NEXT YEAR by placing their rotations for their internship in an order favourable to them, apply for all the post-graduate exams and already smooching up to the people who will be making those decisions. I'm just worried about getting through pre-internship - applying to the Medical Protection Scheme, the Hong Kong Medical Council and the Hong Kong University Medical Alumni Association, getting a name tag with my name and 'Dr.' on it.

I know it is not all great for some people as well. To the people who have failed and still have to take the exams yet again they still have to turn up to the pre-internship block. I know they feel inside when they hear the words "Congratulations on graduating!" spoken by every doctor who had given talks during the day. I really want to reach out to them to say, "I know how you feel and if you want to talk, just contact me." but I don't because I'm shy and pathetic plus I don't know them very well.

One thing I am glad of is that I can use the email address I have been saving for the last few years. I will be gradually phasing out my Yahoo! email address and will be using a Gmail email address. For those who want to contact me, start using dr.kenneth.leung@gmail.com.

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