Saturday, May 10, 2008

Itchy skin and losing another mobile phone

It has been an eventful past week. Some will say it was a bad week but it depends on how you look at it. I lost my mobile phone around about Wednesday and I didn't notice it was missing until the next day. I got a bollocking from my mother since it is the second mobile phone I have lost in about six months. It isn't that bad as it sounds. My old mobile phone was not working very well and I was going to replace it anyway. My dad loves going out to buy gadgets and I'm not really fussed what mobilie phone I have, so he actually has an excuse to go out and buy a mobile phone which he has done. Now I have to find a way of not losing my mobile phone whenever I'm on the minibus. I need to start attaching the phone to my trousers via one of those string attachments.

Losing my mobile phone was not the most interesting event that happened to me in the past week. I think the flare-up of my eczema has been more irritating, both literally and metaphorically. I don't suffer from full blown eczema like my poor brother, who still has to deal with it everyday. All I have is some itchy and scaly skin around my left elbow and knee. It's gotten worse in the past few days since summer has returned and I've started to sweat, which irritates those areas.

Don't worry, I won't be putting any photos up. I spare the readers the horror. The imagination is much more potent in that regard of scaring you.

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