Friday, May 23, 2008

The corruption of humankind

There was a time I believe in the common decency of man; where everyone does everything for good intentions. Over the years I have learned in the harshest of ways the human race is not a benevolent society and most people regress back to animal instincts of survival rather than thinking of the bigger picture of the greater good. Watching today's news gave me two perfect examples of the corruption of humankind.

In the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake, there are people abusing the situation of vulnerable people. There have been riots near a store when people found out that the shop owner was selling supplies that were intended for needy people. There has also been another shop who received tents and other outdoor equipment from a factory after pretending to be from the Red Cross. Even in the face of tragedy there still lurks evil in the heart of men and women. In this BBC News article, there are people who are sending text messages claiming to be survivors of certain families and requiring money to help pay hospital bills.

In news much closer to home, the former dean of my faculty has been charged with fraud, theft and misconduct. If you want more details you can read the news here. I don't know if this case is true or not. I don't have all the details and the case is still ongoing. We have the presume he's innocent until proven guilty. Yet one does wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg. One has to wonder if doctors, who take care of the sick and dying, use their position to gain in other ways. I always said that not all doctors are benevolent. Some people become doctors because of their curiosity in the human body and science, others become doctors for the status symbol and to satisfy their own ego. Few people actually study medicine to help people.

If you want the true benevolent doctors, search for the ones who gave up the comforts of their surroundings, travelled thousands of miles to a different land to help people who require the aid and to do it all for a pittance. Those are the real doctors

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