Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emotional numbness

The recent natural disasters in Burma and China have left many people distraught at the number of deaths involved. The natural reaction is an outpouring of grief followed by the conditional reflex of charity, usually in the form of donating money to one of the charities involved. My mum has been like that for the past few days, especially concerning the earthquake in the Sichuan province. She has been openly saying, "How can such a tragedy happen?" and "I cannot believe so many people have died."

My reaction? I not been having much of a reaction over the incident. I feel I'm apathetic towards most tragedies and disasters that have happened. I don't vocalize or express anything whilst others are saddened by the event. Naturally I do feel something emotionally inside towards the earthquake and the cyclone but that feeling is fleeting. I often want to tell people, "Yes, it is a tragedy these people died but natural disasters happen all the time - earthquakes, hurricanes, floods. More people die of hunger and infectious diseases every day, and I don't see you emotionally grieve for them." Somehow I have put a logical viewing on an emotionally-trying event. I do this with happy events as well - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. These events occur every year and after a while they tend to become tedious and routine.

I really do need to get out more...

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