Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Going up and down

Just a small entry today, since I'm not in the mood to write a long entry...

I have a great deal of pet peeves in my life - little things I shouldn't give a fuss about but I do. Perhaps it is my perfectionistic personality or my negative view through depression that I have so much criteria on life. Lately one pet peeve has been on my mind - using the lift.

In the modern world when everybody has gotten so damn lazy, many people are more willing to waste time to wait for a lift to go up or down one floor instead of taking the stairs. There are instances when I can accept using the lift for this purpose - carting around heavy items or immobility of the person in question. Nonetheless there are a great deal of hospital workers who rather waste people's time in the lift by going from the first to the second floor. I rather like the lift system in one hospital where one lift goes to the even-numbered floors whilst another lift goes to the odd-numbered floors. At least it forces people to use the stairs.

Another point about using the lift is Hong Kong people are not very willing to push inside and let other people in. They just want to stay near the door so it is easier to get out. If you are going to get out at the end, why doesn't one go to the back of the lift to allow for more people to enter the lift? Yet another example of Hong Kong people not thinking about others.

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