Friday, October 19, 2007

Nothing much happening...

I've just finished my test for my current rotation on Wednesday, which has left me free for the past couple of days. I'm trying to relax before the next rotation starts. Nothing really is going on in life and I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging. Right now I'm trying to catch up with some of my shows. I have all of season 3 of "House M.D." and half of season 3 of "Doctor Who", although I'm regularly downloading "Have I Got News For You", "Top Gear" and "QI". Hopefully I can initiate myself to watch some of these shows plus a DVD or two.

There are some topics I want to write about in this blog but lately my way of thinking has been oriented to what I want to write here. I'm just too focussed on thinking about a topic to write about. I should just write what's on my mind. One thing I have just noticed is subtitles. In Hong Kong most, if not all, English programmes are subtitled in Traditional Chinese. Unfortunately the subtitlers are not very good or are not paid very well, since they don't get many of the subtitles right. Even though I cannot read Chinese I hear my parents complaining of the poor translation. Just now I was watching one of Nigella Lawson's many culinary shows on Discovery South East Asia Travel and Living. The subtitle for 'butcher' was poorly translated into 'slaughter man' - not something you want to be visiting on the grocery shopping.

It's even worse on another show I religiously watch - "Top Gear". Even though I cannot read the Chinese subtitles, many of the car manufacturers' names of their vehicles are not translated into Chinese but left in English. Yet the subtitler cannot even be bothered to look up the names of these cars. The Chevrolet Lacetti has even been written differently in the same show, for example 'Laseti', 'Reseti', etc. It is just so poor these subtitles do not go through quality control or through somebody who is well-versed in English and Chinese. You may not like the work you do but you should have some pride in the finished product since YOU did it.


I cannot really blame Steve McClaren for the defeat in Russia. I think he did his best but unfortunately a bad penalty decision and a poor playing surface was just out of his control. At least he has the balls to keep Gareth Barry and recall Emile Heskey in recent times. Hopefully Israel can get a result against Russia so England can qualify.

Hopefully the other England in action this week will not suffer the same fate. I wouldn't mind if Jonny and co. lost, since they have exceeded all expectations by reaching the Rugby World Cup final. I just hope they have a good performance and there will be no repeat of the earlier match with South Africa.

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