Thursday, July 12, 2007

Turning your brain into mush

I don't watch much local television; primarily because I don't have time, having my head in my notes or textbooks. The main reason why I don't watch TVB Jade or ATV Home is that the quality of programming is not up to the standard I demand. In other words, the Chinese TV shows are shit.

Everybody thinks I am biased against anything from Hong Kong and favour everything from England - that's not true. I recognized that there are shit programmes from UK and USA. You just have to look at the soap operas on offer: "Eastenders" and "Coronation Street" from England; "As the World Turns" and "General Hospital" in USA. Yet those countries can seem to produce high quality television programmes as well, such as "Pride and Prejudice" (still worth watching despite being twelve years old) and my favourite TV show of all time, "The West Wing". It just seems that all of Hong Kong television is crap. I understand they have budget restrictions but at least they could try harder. The screenplay and plot are so predictable, I could become a clairvoyant. The acting is more wooden than the Amazon forest. The setting and technical stuff such as camera work and editing look like a twelve year old kid was behind the project. People tell me to watch local television to improve my Cantonese but if that pile of drivel is on the show, I rather have crap language skill thank you very much.

The news is about the same quality as the television programming. I don't blame the newsreaders or hosts - it is just the quality of news on offer that bugs me. Hong Kong news is the same as local news in USA or UK. It is just reporting on local crimes or incidents which will affect very little people. I rathe watch international news which will affect more people and is a little more dramatic. However I do not watch or read anything about Iraq or Israel anymore. Those problems are always going to be on our TV and won't change in the near future.

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