Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Human or animal? Plus Fulham & Liverpool FC

I have lost faith with the human race. Let me explain what I mean about my last sentence. I believe human beings, with their vast intelligence, should act more differently than other animals. I hate to use the word 'better' but there is no other phrase I can use. The basic animal will protect its own kind and pass on its own genes. You will read this in any biology textbook. Animals don't have the intelligence to ponde whether or not there is more to responding to its genetic code.

I wish humans were not like that. I wish that vastly improving the race and kindness towards others were other options to the human race. I have to remind people that kindness is not a natural instinct. Greed is - you want to protect yourself more than anybody else. You look at animals and you won't see a lion, who has just eaten, spare a gazelle's life. That is why I expect people who sitting down in the MTR trains to give their seat up to the needy, for example a pregnant mother, the elderly or somebody with a disability which would help if they sat. It is still natural to be kind to your family and close friends but to be kind to casual acquaintances and complete strangers should be a human trait.

You see all the destruction in the world - religions fighting each other, the threat of nuclear war still hanging over us like a cloud, poverty in most countries when there is enough wealth to go around and global warming coming to the brink that it could end all life on earth - and wonder if human beings should be responsible for the planet we live on. Evidently not.


Since both Fulham and Liverpool are in Hong Kong to contest the Barclays Premier League Asia Cup (or whatever it is called), it would be right to preview their season ahead.

It was surprising (but not a total shock) to see Lawrie Sanchez get the managerial position at Fulham. He really should thank Rafa Benitez for the job. If Benitez didn't use a 'B' side during their match with Fulham last season after an exhaustive Champions' League semi-final with Chelsea, Fulham wouldn't have won. Those three points ensured Sanchez would remain in the job permanently.

Has he don't anything to justify his position. Apparently not. Claus Jensen left as he didn't want to play the long ball technique Sanchez favours whilst Queudrue will seem to follow suit. Sanchez brought in two right backs (Aaron Hughes and Chris Baird) when he already has two players more than capable to play in that position (Liam Rosenior and Moritz Volz). He mainly brought in players he knows from his days as Northern Ireland manager (Hughes, Baird, Steven Davis and David Healy). Yet at least he has signed some left sided options (Lee Cook, Paul Konchesky and Kamara).

I still don't think Fulham will do well this season. Fulham fans should be content for a relegation battle where they survive. It will take miracle for Sanchez to remain in his job.

The same cannot be said about Rafa Benitez. He is more secure in his job than he has ever been. He didn't win anything last season but there has been steady improvement. Now that he has new finances and brought in players that are world class, the pressure is even higher to win a league trophy for the first time in nearly eighteen years.

Bringing the likes of Babel, Benayoun and Torres should make Liverpool a potent attacking force. Benitez has got to force himself not to change players and use the rotation system, at least not until the back end of the season. The only weak area for Liverpool right now is the left back position. Fabio Aurelio looks out of his depth whilst Riise is more attacking in nature. Letting Warnock go could be a bad mistake.

You have to expect Liverpool to challenge for the title from the word 'Go!' If he doesn't finish in hte top two or doesn't reach the latter stages of the Champions' League, don't expect the Spaniard to be there much longer. With expectation should breed success.

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