Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ten years on (continued)

So where was I? When you last heard from me, I was dissing how Hong Kong was so crap. I know some people has loyalties to this place, considering they grew up here and consider Hong Kong their hometown. I grew up in England and I know I would defend that place. Yet I know what is wrong with England: Everything is so damn expensive; there is still a class system even if people don't admit it; the transportation and the health care system is a shambles and will collapse anytime soon, thanks to this Labour government. Why are we so loyal to our hometown or country when we know some things are wrong.

Take Hong Kong for example - not only can I point out things are wrong with the people but also the place:
  1. There are way too many buses, cars and taxis here: That is why the transportation system is so effective here. It is also the reason why Hong Kong has such a poor air pollution problem and why so many Hong Kong people are spoilt. They will not walk 10 metres for a bus stop but will wait for a bus to come to them.
  2. The air pollution is too much of a problem: Let's stop blaming the weather or the factories in China but blame ourselves for contributing to this mess. The thing that annoys me the most is that we don't do anything about it. The government always rattle on about the economic side whilst the population have no concept on what is environmentally friendly and don't want to.
  3. This has got to be the dirtiest place on earth: In terms of education and economy, we have got to be the dirtiest bastards on the earth. We don't pick up litter after ourselves and the toilets here are revolting. I still blame most of the Mainland Chinese people for this. Yes I know I am being prejudice and stereotyping people but I do really see this happening - Mainlanders throwing litter around and spread fluid everywhere in the lavatories.
  4. Anything 'Western' is expensive: If you live on Chinese or local stuff, that is fine and every is not expensive. If you want a can of baked beans, the price goes up.
Before I bore everyone to death, I know that this is my own opinion but remember that I have lived here for twelve long years, so I do know what I am talking about.

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