Monday, July 30, 2007

Asking for assistance plus Manchester United

I am currently in the hospital library writing this blog since I am currently in the residency period of my paediatric clerkship, leaving me little time anywhere else. So don't be surprised to see that I don't blog that often or I don't post items such as pictures or links in my entries. I really question whether or not anybody reads my blog. I can just say something ridiculous like I really like Mary Ngan and I would love to date her but I know that won't happen sine every girl in the world just like handsome guys with great bodies, just like every guy in the world likes a beautiful girl with great breasts and a nice butt. I don't think anybody would notice.


I don't like asking for help. In the past few weeks, my brother and my friend have remarked on this characteristic of mine. I think it stems from my boarding school days. I found schoolwork easy to work out, so asking for help was very uncommon. When I entered medical school, work started to become more complicated. A combination of factors contributed my reluctance to ask for help. Firstly I don't have many friends that I could ask for help. Secondly when asking for help, I feel I am imposing on or disturbing their life. This seems weird considering I have no problems when people ask me for help - I am readily available to assist anybody, anytime and anywhere. I can hardly say no to someone and I hardly lie - which makes me a sap. Thirdly I am scared of taking rejection personally and becoming depressed, although this is less severe than the rejection I suffer from a potential girlfriend.

Usually when I eventually do ask for help, I am in mid-combustion and it is difficult to comment whether or not I need help at that point.

So how do I overcome this? Difficult to say... and it would be ironic if I asked anybody what they would think :)


For once, of one my previews of a Premier League team will be short. Firstly there is very little to talk about Manchester United and secondly I hate them, as with other football supporters around the United Kingdom.

Manchester United played brilliantly last season and rightly deserved to win the Premiership. They know it is going to be difficult to retain the trophy and they invested wisely. The only area that needs bolstering in the short term is the forward line-up, with Carlos Tevez being touted as coming into the Old Trafford dressing room in the next few days.

Will they win the Premier League this season? To me they are the favourites and I would rather have them as champions than Chelski. But I don't think that will satisfy the Glazer family, who will be gunning for European glory. Don't be surprised if they achieve both this season.

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