Monday, September 17, 2007

Growing up

In the local Hong Kong newspaper, the local universities are considering making medicine a post-graduate degree. You would get more mature doctors but the scheme would be more expensive. A number of young doctors have complained that they are already mature enough and they shouldn't mistake age for maturity.

I would support the idea making medicine a post-graduate degree. Some people will be more mature for their age but this has come through life events. There is no substitute for experience and this breeds maturity. I look at my class peers and I see a lot of them are totally immature. They don't treat patients with the respect they deserve and I don't think many make the right decisions. Their attitude and behaviour, on and off the wards, are not what I call mature. That is the reason I don't like allowing students to enter early into medicine.

At least making medicine a post-graduate degree would allow young adults to decide at a later age whether or not to study medicine. I find a few of my peers regret entering medicine. If you made medicine a post-graduate degree, maybe they could study something that interests them before deciding whether or not to become a doctor. I find it quite unbelievable young people have to make life decision in their teens. We have to choose which GCSEs we have to take, which affects what A-levels we take, which decides what degree we can study, which affects what job we can get.

When we have such a long life in front of us and our decision making abilities don't mature until we're about twenty five years old, why can't we enjoy our youth and study something we're interested in?

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