Saturday, September 22, 2007

A good week in football

I don't expect many people to be interested in this blog entry, since it concerns football and my beloved team Arsenal. So if you happen to have no testosterone flowing through your body, feel free to turn over to another channel.

It has been a good week for me in football. Arsenal, despite selling senior players such as Freddie Ljungberg and especially Thierry Henry, were expected to struggle with a group of youngsters in their team. Yet they have confound all football pundits by playing exciting football and reaching the summit of the Barclays Premier League. They also had a great start in the UEFA Champions' League by thrashing major rivals Sevilla 3-0.

Many football pundits have been commenting on the significance of the sale of Henry on Arsenal's current performance. I think they are right in saying that the pressure has gone from the Arsenal team. They relied a bit too much on Henry. Without the great footballer, the young players can show they are not a one-man team. The likes of Adebayor and Fabregas can play as they wish without having to fit another superstar into their game plan.

After the 3-0 win on Wednesday night, I thought things couldn't get better but they could. Jose Mourinho left Chelsea, either walking out or being sacked. Either way, Chelsea are in a team in turmoil - their trusted and successful manager has gone and they are playing like old grannies. I think they are effectively out of the title race, especially since their next game is against the resurgent Manchester United.

Arsenal have a relatively easier game against bottom club Derby County. I would love for Arsene Wenger to rest a few players and try some youngsters, something along the lines like this:

Senderos (Song if still unfit)
Van Persie

I know Arsenal won't be able to thrash Derby County that much (not on the par of 6-0 ala Liverpool) but I do expect them to win comfortably.

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