Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More of "Failing my Finals... again"

To follow up from my last post, I have more information about failing my finals...

A part of me knew I didn't do well in certain parts of my Finals but was hoping I just could marginally edge myself over the line. Apparently this wasn't the case. I'm not that saddened by not passing my exams but of the consequences. It means I cannot go back to England for the summer and meet up with my friends. I've already promised myself the next available long break I have (at least one week) I'm going back to England no matter what. I don't care if England would be bloody cold at that time, I'm still going back to vegetate on my brother's sofa.

In light of failing my exams, I had to go to see the board this morning. Actually it is much better to state that I had to be at the faculty building at 10:15 just in case the board wanted to see my about my case. Beforehand they would be discussing my situation and then they would decide if they needed to see me or not. So I waited outside the meeting room for about half hour before they came to the conclusion they DIDN'T need to see me. I just had to return home and await the results. Thanks a lot!

This is why I love bureaucracy as much as I love xenophobia, homophobia, racism, bigotry, sexism, conservatives and Nazis. Bureaucracy is wonderfully cost-effective and magnificently streamlined but heartless, soulless, without feeling and psychopathic in nature. I really wish I never enter that system where you meddle with people's lives just because 'it is your job'. People just treat it as 'a case' but to the people concerned, it is their lives on the line. It is not just academics but it occurs in government, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and insurance agents. All of those professions I dislike due to their lack of soul in their job, something I will elaborate on in another post but not today.

Another thing the faculty was poor upon was details. I didn't know how much subjects I failed, what were the arrangements and when the exams are going to be. I really don't know why they don't reveal these things. I'm sure they have their reasons, however weird and perverse they are. Unfortunately they have sufficient time (every since they started these exams) to make these arrangements and send them to the necessary people. Unfortunately they don't, which is rather disappointing.

My 'appointment' with the board clashed with my psychiatrist follow-up, so I had to race to another place to see my doctor. I know my psychiatrist doesn't have a lot of time for me, being in a government-run clinic. So I know what exactly to say to him and he knows what exactly to say to me. I just spent ten minutes summarising what had happened and he gave me the advice I needed.

I eventually found out what subject(s) I failed - paediatrics. After all that fuss, I only failed ONE subject. I love the way the faculty has toiled with my life like a dog does with a dead bird. To believe that these people are doctors is really a farce in itself. So now I have to do more waiting while I found out when my exams are and what help am I receiving...

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