Thursday, April 03, 2008

Brazilian or natural?

I've got a lot of time on my hands and I don't know what to do with it. I want to try out new recipes but my parents are somewhat unwilling to try out different cuisines. Most of the time I have to resort to making desserts for myself, like the pear crumble tonight. Must remember to use ripe pears next time.

Most of the time I'm playing video games on my laptop ("Super Metroid" on a SNES emulator program), browsing on the internet, playing Scrabble online or watching the American version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I don't have much options to engage in other activities. It is raining in Hong Kong at the moment so going out is not much of an option and anyway I abhor going out window shopping. There's not many movies I want to see at the cinema and I still have a stack of DVDs I still haven't seen. I want to go practise my golf swing but I don't have a car and it is a bit troublesome getting to the driving range on public transport. Even my dogs are tired of the dreary weather and dream of sunnier days when they can go out. Now I have more time to write about topics which have been in the back of my mind.

There has been one topic racking my brain recently. This subject has been contemplated by the greatest minds for decades. It has been argued in every type of media since the dawn of time. The question is this:

Why don't Asian women shave their bush whilst Western ladies do?

It is not the thought provoking question you have been anticipating. Neither is the topic high on the priority list with global warming, human rights or free and fair elections. But it has been on my mind whenever I look at erotic pictures and I feel it should be discussed and written about. I'll try to dissect the matter in a mature and adult manner. This topic is not to everybody's liking. If you are of a nervous predisposition (i.e. you're a bigoted, homophobic, Caucasian pig farmer from Arkansas who follows the Bible down to the very last word), then you might want to change to another channel. Also I won't be showing examples of the topic in this blog. I only have time to feed my porn addiction, not yours.

As I see it there are primarily two reasons why a women, whether Asian or Caucasian, would trim their pussy:

1. To wear a bikini.

For some reason fashion has dictated straggly hairs coming out of a thong is a faux pas. I don't know who made those rules but women seem intent to adhering to them. Western women are more likely to wear a bikini for mainly two reasons. Firstly they are more adventurous in their fashion. They are more willing to show skin. I've seen nuns show more skin than Asian women. Chinese girls seem intent on covering themselves in layers, even when the weather is hotter than Mercury's surface. Don't ask me why they do, they just do. Secondly Caucasian women want to tan. This reason actually has profound anthropological issues. Women from different cultures want to change their appearance. White women want to be dark and dark women want to be white. Neither can accept who they are. It seems men are less inclined to think about their appearance.

2. For oral sex.

I actually don't know if this is true or not, since I have no basis or experience in this matter. Western society is more receptive of different forms of sex, whether it is fellatio or rimming. Asian sex is what I call 'vanilla sex' - nice but plain and not very adventurous. Western women (and men) know if the women has to enjoy sex will require some foreplay and oral stimulation on the part of the guy. However the male of the species does not want to be a cow and 'munching grass' if you catch my drift. Asian people just seem oblivious to this concept and so the bush remains natural.

Of course there are exceptions. I do know Western women don't always keep the pubic area bald as it is a tiresome process having to keep the vicinity hairless. I'm sure I'm going to get criticism for having such as chauvinistic view about this, so if there are any ladies who think I'm an idiot please enlighten me, preferably with pictures...

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