Friday, April 11, 2008

"Failing my Finals... again" the final part of the trilogy

I always wondered when anybody becomes a bastard (or the female equivalent - a bitch), does that person know he/she has become such an obnoxious prick/cunt and do they care? I often think about that when professors scold students in our faculty.

This sort of happened when I met a professor (Dr. Susan Chiu for those who are wondering) from the paediatrics department to discuss my examination results. After being an hour late as she was doing her ward round, she finally saw me and discussed how I performed. Let's say she could have been a bit more empathetic and tactful. She seemed angry that I had to do a remedial again. She seems to think I WANT to fail and do this again. When I gave my reason why I didn't so well, she didn't seem please with the 'excuse'.

I often feel this professor has a Jekyll and Hyde split personality. She's wonderful with the patients, a complete Dr. Jekyll with children. When it comes to parents, students and junior doctors, she become Mr. Hyde - an absolutely tornado of anger and spite. I often don't trust people who are nice to one group but absolutely discourteous to another. You either good or horrible to all people.

So now I know what I have to do. A six week remedial followed by a written paper, OSCE and CCT.

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