Thursday, February 14, 2008

I hate Valentine's Day

There are a few things in life I hate – racism, Dora Tai and right wing businessmen (& women) who hoard their money like squirrels do with their nuts and exploit everything within their sight. One phrase can group those things – extreme conservatives. Add to the list Valentine’s Day and you have my axis of evil.

I just hate today. It defies any sense of logic to put aside a day to express your love for somebody. You are supposed to love your special someone everyday of the year, so why is Valentine’s Day more special? I apply this argument to other special days, like Mothers’ & Fathers’ Day. I support the logic behind the religious festivals and Memorial Day/Remembrance Day to a certain degree. There are counter-arguments saying people don’t have enough time in their lives to express their love, so this is why we need Valentine’s Day. If you are so busy not to tell your significant other you love them, perhaps it is time to put one’s priorities in order.

I am bitter about Valentine’s Day. I have sent numerous Valentine’s cards, messages, flowers and gifts before but never received anything in return. Am I so repulsive? I don’t think I’m ugly enough to repel women like the poles on a magnet. I know I have put on a bit of weight but I think I have other redeeming qualities to attract the opposite sex. So why have I remained single all my life? I just figured most women do not know what to look for in a man, especially when I see hundreds of ladies going out with guys who treat them like shit. I’m not saying I’m better than most males (I know I have flaws) but it seems nice guys do finish last.

I think my problem is the way society perceives romance. Society has stated it must be the man who must do the wooing. Who made that stupid rule? Why cannot it be the other way around? If a girl likes a guy, why can’t she pursue him instead of trying to convince him to pursue her? It is the same questions I raise with the guy’s role in Valentine’s Day. If a guy does nothing for his girl on this day, despite having done a lot for the remaining 364 days of the year, society will judge him as a bad person. On the other hand if a guy does a lot for his partner on this day without having done much for the past year, he will be deemed quite a good boyfriend.

Only one part of society benefits from Valentine's Day - the companies who jack up prices so that we (generally the guys) overpay for items such as flowers, cards, chocolates and dinners. We are just saps to the corporate gimmicks.

I just hate Valentine’s Day. I just hope it will quickly go away as soon as possible.

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Implosive Trash said...

Crappentine's Clay is simply the worst thing in a year, even Xmas is second to it.