Friday, February 08, 2008

English Premier League in Hong Kong?

Recently there has been a proposal by the English Premier League to consider playing competitive matches abroad in the near future. As a fan who would benefit from this idea, I think there are too many negative factors to stop this idea getting off the ground. Many of the fans and football websites tend to agree with me that this idea is ludicrous.

There is a good article from Football 365 about the negative factors which if you are interested you should read. It basically covers the arguments I would have mentioned in my blog. The only thing factor it doesn't mention is jet lag. It would be just about acceptable if you went to the Eastern United States or the Middle East but if you went to South East Asia or the West Coast of United States, the fatigue of travelling and different time zones come into play.

I also remember when the Premier League Asia trophy was played here in Hong Kong there was a lot of buzz for Liverpool but not for the other teams such as Fulham and Portsmouth, which is a pity since Portsmouth are a good side - just look at the league table. Unfortunately fans in Asia can switch allegiance quite rapidly, as long as they are supporting successful teams. Would fans in America be going to a game between Derby and Sunderland? I don't think so.

As an Arsenal fan, I'm rather glad my team doesn't go on money making tours in Asia or America, like the rest of the 'Big Four' clubs do. We let our football do the talking and if fans are intrigued, they can come to London to watch the games.

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