Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas

It's getting nearer to Christmas, with only twenty four shopping days left! That means the weather is taking a turn towards the cooler side. That would mean more for people in temperate climates such as the Eastern seabord in USA and the whole of UK. These places genuinely become cold, with chilling wind, awful drizzle and hopefully snow.

Yet when it turns slightly cold in Hong Kong, everybody seems to go into a fuss like it was "The Day After Tomorrow". My mum is putting up a fuss of wearing more clothes and dressing up like I'm on Antarctic expedition but the temperature has only dropped below twenty degree Celsius. Don't ask me what that is in Farenheit - I'm guessing mid seventies for some non-mathematical reason. Back to the subject at hand, this is the normal temperature in England. I can easily survive and avoid hypothermia by wearing just an extra piece of clothing. Most of the time I'm indoors so it is not necessary to require a coat. There are some people who think that is necessary.

I'm surprised to hear from two doctor friends (Michele and Lorraine) that it is freezing, despite the fact they have lived in temperate climates before (Vancouver and South East England). I think coming back to Hong Kong has spoilt most people. When it is hot like it is most of the year, everybody goes indoors for airconditioning. When it is cold, like it is for only one day of the year, everybody turns on their heaters when they can easily just put on a sweater and save energy plus money. The same applies to Hong Kong public transport - I think this contributes to how spoilt Hong Kong people are. I would like to comment about it but probably in a latter blog entry.

I always dream of a White Christmas but in Hong Kong that is very unlikely.

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