Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Deck the halls with bells of biodegradable holly

This year I only sent Christmas e-cards to my closest friends. Everybody else who can't be bothered to stay in touch with me can just shove it. I'm really in the festive mood now.

I only sent e-cards for a variety of reasons - they're free, they can be sent quickly but mainly they are environmentally friendly. If you think about it paper Christmas cards are a great burden on the environment. We chop down trees just so we can say festive greetings to people we don't normally stay in contact with for the rest of the year. By January most of our Christmas cards and wrapping paper is in the bin. So if you do receive the traditional form of festive greetings, make sure you recycle them. The same could be done for wrapping paper or any other stuff that you manage to waste during this Christmas holidays. If you have to put up Christmas lights make sure they're energy efficient lights and don't put them on for the entire night.

I'm not trying to dampen anybody's Christmas cheer, just highlighting what the environmental impact you are making during these holidays.

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