Monday, December 31, 2007

An arbitrary moment

It's around three hours before 2008 officially begins in Hong Kong. I'm not going out & I don't care that I'm not going out to celebrate. Years ago I would have given a fuss about staying in and people not inviting me out. Now that I've grown up a bit and matured, I don't really care if I'm out or in. New Year's Eve is like Valentine's Day, Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day. They are holidays made up to extract money from dimwits like you and me who are stupid to notice that we should be celebrating our love for our partner, father or mother everyday instead of one designated day. New Year's Eve is just an arbitrary day - we could pick any day to signify the end of the year. The Chinese do that with the Lunar New Year and individuals do that with their birthdays.

I find people who eagerly anticipate celebrating the New Year are the one's who don't create enough excitement in their lives. These are the same people who watch soap operas and reality TV shows, read all the celebrity gossip in entertainment magazines and photograph themselves next to the Christmas lights like it is a phenomenon that only comes around once every millennia when in fact two months later businesses will set up lights for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Yes, I have officially become a miser.

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