Sunday, April 08, 2012

My relationship with music

I have to state that I'm not a big fan of music. Unlike my friends, I have a modest collection which mainly deals with pop start from the 1990s to early 2000s. Since mid 2000s, I have become less interested in music, instead listening to podcasts and radio programmes.

This was evident a few days ago when I made the few excursions for shopping. I decided to patron the new HMV in Central. Whilst looking through the entire music section, there was only two albums I bought: The best of Whitney Houston and the best of The Who. I am one of these bad people who only buys "The Best of" albums from artists. Usually that means waiting for the artist to die or retire, or for the band to break up. The only other album in my radar is "The Best of S Club 7" (I know that I have bad taste in music).

Perhaps I am more of a singles man. I tend to love individual songs rather than a whole album. I have to like enough of the songs on an album to persuade me to buy the CD, hence only buying "The Best of" albums. Unfortunately Hong Kong doesn't have a very good download music market. Most of the download music here is Cantopop (or I can't read Cantonese well enough to understand their download sites). I can't access iTunes to download music here in Hong Kong.

Anyway I must get back to listening "The Who" and finding ways to download music legitimately in Hong Kong.

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