Friday, March 30, 2012


For those who know me, I've been trying to lose weight by dieting and exercise. I may dress up my motives by stating I want to be fitter and more healthy. Ultimately I want to attract women more and I know I won't get my foot in the front door if I keep looking like Kim Jong-Un's half brother. (Seriously how can North Korea's new dictator can look so pudgy and have the rest of his nation starve to death?)

I initially started my campaign against the bulge by doing some stretching exercises at home and it was a wake up call. You know you don't move your muscles much when stooping down to pick up something strains a back muscle. Actually my so called wake up call was when I was approached by a sales person of a gym chain trying to sell me a gym membership. During this demeaning procedure when one of their personal trainers was telling me everything I was doing wrong with my life, I had to do some sit ups. Every time I came up, my whole body was shaking due to the underdevelopment of my rectus abdominis muscles (yeah, I still remember some anatomy from my medical school days). Fortunately my willpower is a little bit more formed than my muscles and I didn't sign up to their gym, despite the glare the personal trainer gave me.

Anyway now that I spend most of my free time stretching, even when I'm surfing the Net, my muscles have started to become looser and if I were a cow I would deem edible now. But that's not the point. The next stage was actually getting me down from the fatty Kobe beef to a better lean steak. That meant some aerobic exercise. I started off cycling around the neighbourhood I live in and have gradually increased my workload over the past few weeks.

What I lack is motivation and a definite schedule. I think I have to go join a gym and start losing the pounds. I think I would be more motivated if I put a little money into this project. Thankfully there is a gym nearby to where I live, so I don't have to travel far after work. Hopefully I will have some willpower to join a gym in the first place.

Next time, I will be writing about dieting and crankiness...

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