Sunday, October 23, 2011

Altruism doesn't seem to exist

I'm forever hearing Chinese people are the most kindest people in the world. This is mainly because I'm surrounded by Chinese people, who think that having a close family means that they are kind and nice. I tend to think this is bollocks. I have the belief that Mainland Chinese people are not that altruistic and I will explain why. Please note that all opinions are my own and if you don't like them, don't read on.

One recent story from Mainland China emphasis my point on Mainland Chinese people. It is the news that a two year old toddler was run over twice by vans and eighteen people walked by doing nothing before a rubbish collector did the decent thing by moving the child to the side of the road and seeking help. Here is where I become all Daily Mail and say the two van drivers plus the eighteen pedestrians should be stripped of all their human rights, face life imprisonments and have all material possessions taken from them.

Maybe I am overreacting to the situation. This could be an isolated incident and in fact all people in China, bar twenty people in Foshan, are good citizens. I really don't believe so. Whenever I meet Mainland Chinese people, most of them tend to be impolite, ignorant and selfish. They only do something to benefit themselves or their family. They are not kind to casual acquaintances or strangers. That is the hallmark of altruism for me. Anybody will help their friends or relatives. It takes true courage and decency to go out of your own way and help somebody you don't know or even don't like.

Maybe those eighteen idiots who walked past thought they might hurt the child more if the intervened, for example by moving the child they cause a neck injury leading to paralysis. Perhaps they thought if they helped out by performing CPR and caused my damage, they might be sued by the parents. Even with all these mitigating factors in their heads, there are other actions that can be performed. You can stop ongoing traffic from running over the child again. You can note down the license plate of the van who ran her over. You can call for the ambulance. You don't have to be intelligent or knowledgeable in CPR to do these things.

The selfish nature of people also affects another story concern Mainlanders. Recently the Hong Kong government have to limit the number of Mainland Chinese mothers giving birth in Hong Kong as they are stretching looking health resources. This has called an outcry from Mainland Chinese mothers who are married to men from Hong Kong, who say they have the right to give birth in Hong Kong.

This shows the ignorance of these people concerning the use of public facilities. Nobody has the absolute right to anything. Even the Hong Kong mothers have to be turned away when the obstetrics wards are full. The use of public facilities depend on their availability and resources. I have the right to use the sports facilities in Tai Po but maybe I can't use them when somebody has already booked them. There are hundreds of people awaiting a liver transplantation in Hong Kong but they can't get one because there are not enough donors in the territory. Not everybody in Hong Kong can be prescribed drugs to lower their cholesterol, even if their cholesterol is high, since it would bankrupt the Hospital Authority.

These women only want to give birth in Hong Kong so they can enable their children to have free education, health care and benefits. They don't care about equal rights, they just want a share of the pie they feel they are entitled to. Unfortunately the pie is not big enough to share.

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